The Inn

The original part of the home was built in 1893 by James W. Coleman, born June 15, 1871, a young man not even 23 years old. This home was a one-story farmhouse approximately 31/2 miles from the center of Moultrie. It was constructed entirely from heart pine cut from the original 483 acre estate.

Mr. Coleman came to Colquitt County in 1893 from near Swainsboro, GA because he had heard how fertile the land was in Colquitt County. He found the information to be absolutely true and soon became one of the most successful farmers in the county.

Coleman experimented with planting different types of crops between rows of corn, planting different types of hay that had never before been planted in Colquitt County and with new types of cotton. These experiments paid off handsomely and Mr. Coleman became one of the wealthiest and most respected men in South Georgia.

During his years of farming, Mr. Coleman was granted seven patents for his farming ideas and inventions. One of his inventions in 1895, the long staple cotton gin, was used well into the 20th century.

After completing the original home, Mr. Coleman returned to Swainsboro, married his childhood sweetheart Sallie Elizabeth Temples on January 21, 1894 and immediately returned to Colquitt County with his new bride. The Coleman's only child, Vista, was born in 1899 in this home.

1903 marked the completion of the first and largest addition to the one story house. The "new" home became the one shown in the photo on the left (said to be taken around 1908). The Coleman's sold this beautiful home in 1905 to move into Moultrie to give Vista better educational opportunities as well as to look after his business interests in town.

Mr. Coleman is credited with the building and operating of the first modern cotton ginnery, the first fertilizer mixing plant, and the first modern cotton warehouse in Colquitt County.

Coleman's political career was also varied; he was the District Road Overseer (1896-98), District Road Commissioner (1898-1900), Board of Education Member (1900-06), Chairman, Board of Commissioners of Roads & Revenues (1906-12), and a member of the City Council of Moultrie (1910-12). It was said that Mr. Coleman was one of the people who was very involved with the early development of Colquitt County.

An old building on the north side of the Colquitt County Court House Square still bears the Coleman name.

After the Colemans sold the home in 1905 it became home to many families and, most notably, to the Georgia State Patrol. The State Patrol used it as one of three District Offices and a barracks for their troopers.

The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places and the Georgia Register of Historic Places in 1983. More information can be found here.